MOLTEN SALT metal extraction

Molten salts are low vapor pressure liquids for moderate to high temperature applications. Molten salts are used as a heat transfer fluid in nuclear reactors and for concentrating solar power (CSP). CSP transduces solar to thermal to mechanical to electrical power.  Abundant inexpensive chlorides form molten salt stable to 1300o C and in anaerobic form which are compatible with Hastelloy nickel alloy housings.  Mixing ionic chloride salts with covalent chlorides gives low melting eutectic salt mixtures, which are stable at high temperatures.


The aerobic salt with airborne water and oxygen can be used to extract metals from earths rich in copper, silver and gold, which can then be deposited in the metallic form by applying electrical power between immersed electrodes for clean and efficient mineral processing.


It is known that the gold recovery rates from the refractory gold ores using the traditional cyanidation processes are low because of multiple chemical and physical reasons. Therefore, finding other alternatives to the conventional cyanidation has become important not only to improve the recovery rates but also to protect the environment from the significant pollution from the toxic cyanide compounds.


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