Innovation, optimization, sustainability;

the edge of our intellectual property portfolio.

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intellectual property


corrosion sensors

Ultra low and ultra high temperature reference electrodes for corrosion measurement or any place where control is necessary.

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metal extraction

Clean, sustainable and efficient extraction of metals. New technology for copper leaching and refractory ores.

construction materials

Novel process for fly ash based building materials, very high compressive strength as well as water resistant products.

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Intertwined processes that provide

optimal optimization.

Floating panels

New technology for waste, water evaporation management. Novel design can be used at open sea for plastic recovery and floatovoltaics.

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waste management

Value extraction for building materials as well as heat recovery from mining processes (i.e. smelting slag).

chemical processes

New technology for tailing mineral extraction. This includes value proposition of mineral recovery where conventional methods fail or are too costly.

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