Our new technology of smart panels called Hexopanels was invented at the University of Arizona and offers a positive environmental impact by slowing the evaporation from bodies of water such as mining tailing ponds and reservoirs, while simultaneously generating solar energy. The product consists of a modular interlocking floating platform which can be connected to other modules to create an array, it can float, be anchored or tethered.


Hexopanels consist of modules that join together cover bodies of water to reduce evaporation and produce solar energy. The devices can also be used to heat the surface of the water up to twice the ambient temperature when exposed to the sun. Hexopanels are independent motorized modules that can be controlled remotely and be given instructions to perform different tasks.


There are a variety of purposes besides preventing water evaporation such as to modify (increase or decrease) algae growth, aid in processes such as waste water treatment or to sterilize the water by significantly reducing or eliminating microbial life in the body of water.


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